How Does It Work?

In this trying time of a nationwide lockdown, many hardworking South Africans are out of work or have had their income considerably reduced. However, in the midst of this dark period, you can join us to create a ray of light, by spreading hope. This platform aims to unite us through reviving the concept of remote work in our community, allowing us to support each other in a new way that we never imagined was possible.

Register Your Expertise

Are you an expert in your field? Maybe you’re a champion baker, florist or engineer? We want you to register your expertise- for FREE! You can provide any service that showcases your skills, whether it's a one-on-one cooking lesson or troubleshooting an inconvenient IT problem.

We Approve and You Add Your Expertise

We approve your registration and give you access to the platform so that you can add your offer. Then it's up to you to make things happen. You'll be opened up to a host of warm South Africans, in need of your expertise, and whom you can engage with through interactive online sessions.

We Support You

We'll be on hand to provide technical support should you experience any difficulties when visiting the platform, and advise on best practices in offering your expertise. We'll also promote your offer to our community through our social media channels and email newsletter.

We know you’ve got what it takes to share your expertise with us. You can be as creative as you like with your offerings.

Featured Experts

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FREE Microsoft365 Set-up

Get access to cutting-edge apps on Microsoft365, when you have the software installed by a Microsoft365 specialist.


Chef Consulting

Not sure what to make with the limited ingredients stocked in your fridge and pantry? I can guide you through really simple recipes, based on what you have available.

Problem Solving Support

By applying basic lean problem solving tools, I quickly assist and provide guidance with finding solutions to organisational problems. The method of lean problem solving will aid with driving either improvements or reductions in key performance indicators (KPI’s), error rates and processes.


FREE, 15-Minute Garden Assessment

Do you need assistance with your garden? Get a free, 15-minute garden assessment with Farmer Harry.

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Cape Argus

Cape Argus

Shakirah Thebus

Featured 2 April 2020

GQ and GLAMOUR South Africa

Featured 14 April 2020



Social Entrepreneur - Cape Town, South Africa

"Life often throws us curveballs, but how we react to them reveals our true character. This is one we can all rally together against."



Software Engineer - Cape Town, South Africa

"Great initiative, needed at this time."



Software Architect - Frankfurt, Germany

"This is great! Fingers crossed - wishing your team lots of success for this initiative!"

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