FREE Microsoft365 Set-up


Get access to cutting-edge apps on Microsoft365, when you have the software installed by a Microsoft365 specialist.

Sold By: Blue Coat


A failsafe workflow plan is a must-have for running your small business smoothly, especially when you’ve made the transition from working in an office to working from home. This requires world-class software that’ll never let you down – and that’s where Microsoft365 comes in.

Get your Microsoft365 Business Basic subscription starting from R76. We’ll then set up the software for *FREE during the month of August. Thanks to that, you’ll save big! Once the software is installed, these features are a snippet of what you’ll get:

📌 OneDrive for file sharing
📌 SharePoint for shared data storage
📌 Microsoft Teams for hosting meetings
📌 The newest online versions of Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint
📌 Cloud-powered email with Outlook and Exchange Online

*FREE set-up covers the backend configuration, client set-ups and data migration, all of which are to be discussed.


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