In a bid to curb the spread of COVID-19, the South African government, and rightly so, made the unprecedented decision of imposing a 21-day lockdown on all residents. 

This means that most of the country has been thrust into throes of panic, uncertainty and having to work remotely. 

How does one remain productive while working from home? Stick around! We’ve got all the need-to-knows in one convenient place. 

Here’s How to Streamline the Chaos

Know Your Tech

There are so many options when it comes to technology for streamlining remote work. The best options include video conferencing, screen sharing, instant messaging as well as other basic add-ons such as mute buttons and camera-off options that help to minimise distractions. We’ve narrowed down the best video conferencing software to Google Hangouts, Zoom & Skype. Be sure to test all functionality before the conference begins. Nobody wants an embarrassing tech-related faux pas! 

Be Punctual

Remote work is still working. Video calls should be treated like any other meeting. Join the call a few minutes ahead of time and be sure take anything you need with you. If you foresee needing a notebook, pen, or any other tools, be sure to have it on-hand before the call begins. Avoid having to exit unnecessarily. 

Over Communicate

Over-communication is especially important when working remotely. Start with communicating when you intend to be offline, when you are back and what you think your colleagues should/will want to know. Be sure to clarify any expectations you may have when it comes to working outputs, as well as expectations your team may have of you. Note any progress, be prompt with any responses and don’t abandon the small talk. Keep it up! 

Dress Appropriately 

Even if it’s from the waist up. If you prefer keeping your camera on, be sure to look professional at all times. Also be mindful of what might be behind you. Remove anything that could be a potential distraction before you call. Your laundry should not be a meeting talking point! 

Cut Yourself Some Slack

This is unchartered territory. We’re all trying to make the best of a completely new situations. Self-care is paramount when times are uncertain. Take scheduled breaks by stretching, moving away from your computer or moving to a different part of the house. Know when to log off. Often, people tend to get more done when working from home. Be protective of your time and log off as soon as you complete what you set out to do on any particular day. 

Get Comfortable

Ergonomics is not just a fancy word. Be sure to settle into a comfortable chair, and have your devices on a table or desk that is high enough to be comfortable for your back and neck. Stay hydrated and be sure to stretch regularly! 

This concludes our list of what to do to be productive at home. 

Do you have any tips for remote productivity? Drop us a line in the comments and let us know! 

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